Astrology & Yoga

It is astonishing how relevant astrology can be to  your current life situation.  When an astrologer puts their finger on the themes of the moment, It can do wonders to help you unravel perplexing situations, and find a clear way forward.  A reading with me can affirm your special strengths and capacities and inspire you to reach towards your big aspirations.   In tricky situations, I can remind you of your deepest needs, and help you  navigate towards wellbeing.  I provide suggestions  on how you can learn to draw out the highest vibration from planetary transits and coach you on reconciling challenging aspects within your natal chart.

"Everything that you know yourself to be can be traced to the template of your birthchart - it shows all your strengths and weaknesses. It speaks of your great potential, and indicates precisely what tendencies you need to heal and balance in order to attain the fulfillment of your promise.  Your horoscope is like a secret  treasure map revealing the mystery of your life-path and hinting at your true purpose." ​​Astroyogini


As well as guiding you to get the best out of current influences (TRANSIT READING) I can teach you about the structure of your natal chart (NATAL CHART READING) so that you can understand more for yourself about your psychic anatomy .  RELATIONSHIP READINGS  can help you understand the dynamics between you and another, as well as understand their behaviour and their needs!

As an additional extra, I offer bespoke ASTROYOGA exercises, (postures, breathwork, chanting and meditations) that will act to empower you and remedy  imbalances  in your constitution.  

Astroyoga can greatly alleviate pressure caused by current planetary transits, as well as develop and strengthen the virtues of your character.  I can give you a short programme of powerfully effective exercises that are simple to do on a daily basis for a particular period of time. I have found this embodied approach to astrology hugely beneficial.


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